Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another One Down

I just finished my 2nd KettleWorx workout :) 
Today was "Core" :( lol. 

I'm gonna say I did it around 75% good. It IS core, and that's where most of my fat is, so anything that involves that or rolling around on the floor is extra hard. But I still did the best I could, sweat it out, and felt the burn. 

I think this time was a bit easier on me (energy-wise) because I've been eating better than usual by following the food guide that I spoke about. 
I still gotta eat and sleep at the right times but sometimes things happen where you find yourself walking back home from a hospital at 3 in the morning in the freezing cold, and then going back at 8AM to get that girl you just met and then the bank machine at the bank doesn't work and you both have to walk back. 
(don't worry, everyone is fine). 
I sure did get a lot of exercise from all that walking though. 

Saturday is "Cardio". I flipped through the video and it looks easy, but then I did say that about the other two. At least that one looks like there's less on-the-floor stuff. 

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