Tuesday, January 20, 2015


As I've said before; I mostly buy good food anyways so the food part should be easy. It's just a matter of eating at the right times and following the rules.

During this 42 day thing I'll actually be eating more than usual but I'll be eating things that will tune my body for the workouts I'm doing.

Normally I procrastinate over even eating lol and I end up just snacking throughout the day, eating before bed, or starving myself and then eating a whole bunch of stuff by the time I'm really hungry.

I work from home so I can eat whenever I want. The bad part is that I'm paid either once a month or whenever freelance jobs pay. So I don't exactly have the things I need for the meal plans until about 2 weeks from now. I do however, have most of the things I need to fill these blocks for each meal. They won't make sense or be like a traditional meal, but they'll still work nutritionally and that's all that really matters.

The blocks:

Basically I need a handful of each of these things per meal (or one of them for a snack between meals).

An easier guide:

I just need one from each group. 

Lunch felt really big. I had a salad, a piece of toast with PB on it, and 3 eggs with siracha sauce on them/it. 
I'm supposed to remove the yolks from the eggs and only put one yolk, but that turned out to be a difficult task. (I'll have to watch a YouTube video on how to do that). I managed to remove one yolk, and it did seem better with less yolk for some reason. 

The toast I had was brown bread instead of 100% whole wheat, but that's all I have right now (at least it's better than white bread probably).
And the PB I put on it was JIF instead of the natural kind. I just put a lot less of it than I normally use. Ever tried the natural PB? It's disgusting, so disgusting that I'd rather spread paper mache on my toast.

For the Salad I just put less of the dressing that I normally use.

Tomorrow I'll probably go pick up some things like that 100% whole wheat bread, salad spritzer, apples, etc. But I'm pretty much good with very similar substitutes till I get paid.


Tonight I'll sleep better and wake up earlier tomorrow so that I can eat breakfast this time and follow it better. Plus my eggs are coming near the expiry date lol.

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