Monday, January 19, 2015

I Got A Stats For You!

Here are my stats and "body fat percentage".

I don't know how accurate the online body fat percentage calculator is but it's the best I've got. (I measured myself the best I could with a measuring tape from my tool box).
I'm not buying any silly gadget to come up with a number. The number I got is scary enough and will encourage me to try really hard to lower it.
41.85%! :( 

I know I said I was 230 pounds in the first post. Noooo, I didn't gain 10 pounds since yesterday lol. I just got the number wrong.
I'm 240 pounds.

I was 260 pounds this time last year and managed to lose some weight just by changing my lazy habits a bit.. but clearly not enough considering that I have not lost any weight since the end of summer.

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