Sunday, January 18, 2015

Old Ryan

Hey there! My name is Ryan and I'm a 30 year old fat guy (230lbs) who drinks a lot of beer.

Just thought I'd start a simple Blog to track my progress to becoming the best version of myself.

I'm sitting here on my 4th pint of cheap beer (PBR) and eating a small bag of chips while listening to SynthWave. I got a bit of a buzz on but not much since I drink a lot.

This is my last night of drinking stupid amounts of beer.

Besides the chips that I'm eating now, I usually eat pretty good stuff. Not at the right times, but I eat good things.

And I've already been working out with a kettlebell for a week now. My thighs are killing me. But it feels like good pain.
I GOTTA keep going cuz I have bad knees and I would rather them not be bad.

I worked out today so I can't workout tomorrow but I have a PDF I have to go through tomorrow so I know what I can eat.

In 2 days I start a 42 day workout and diet thing called KettleWorx. It's gonna be awesome! Hard.. but awesome.

It feels like I gotta get over a wall. Not just for my weight and maybe a bit of a drinking/boredom problem, but for everything else in my life too.
I wish I could have started sooner but you can only start when you're ready.

Tomorrow I'm gonna post the dreaded "Before" photos.

That's all I got for my first post. I'm not a professional writer. I just need to get it out.

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