Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 2

Hello again.

I haven't gave up or forgot about the blog. I just didn't update over the weekend, and Mondays are always really busy days for me.

I'm still eating clean, avoiding beer, and working out.

Over the weekend I had a cheat meal because I went to a buffet for my fathers birthday. I only ate vegetables and fish there so it wasn't exactly a cheat meal, but it was 2 plates and a small soup, so in that way it was.
Sometimes I have to go to restaurants and that's just the way it is. It's his favorite place so it's not like I could change it and make everyone go somewhere else for me lol. It was a good time though :)

I also had some red wine over the weekend. But I still kept under 1700 calories for the day, so it's all good.

Saturday I did my first "Cardio" KettleWorx workout. It was pretty crazy but I did it all.

Today's KettleWorx video (Resistance week 2) introduced some new exercises, so it kept it interesting.
I just gotta find a little workout to do in between because having 2 days off of working out makes Tuesdays workout a real hassle.

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